Launch: Your Ultimate Platform Packed with Built-in Apps and Tools

Discover a new level of online navigation with our intuitive browser that's 5x more efficient than the ordinary. Integrated with Wiseone, ChatGPT, Google Bard, Perplexity AI, and more.

Unobtrusive Dock

An elegant top-mounted dock that's both subtle and easy to access.

Use the dock's search bar to kickstart your web searches and open your Launch browser.

Comes with handy shortcuts for common desktop tools like a screen recorder, media player, snipping tool, and clipboard history.

Chromium Updates

Launch incorporates the most up-to-date Chromium updates into its software.

These regular updates help guarantee Launch’s peak performance and security.

AI Powerhouse

AI apps are available from Launch's right-side panel to ensure their availability as needed.

Choose your preferred AI app to use from the drop-down menu.

Use them for email composition, report creation, sparking creativity and so much more.

Quick-Access to Valuable Resource Apps

Utilize resource apps for various needs.

Access apps for recipe creation, form generation, and digital templates through Launch's integrated sidebar panel.

Many More Go-To Apps

Enjoy a range of applications for different interests.

Apps like Tubi TV, NFL, NBA, Home Depot, Weather, and Wordle are available.

Create an efficient workspace where popular apps are just a click away.

Experience Unprecedented Productivity Boost with Launch!

I've never looked back at traditional browsers after experiencing Launch. The ability to access a variety of AI options right when I open a new tab is a game-changer. Switching to any AI app is incredibly easy, and it has significantly enhanced my work efficiency

Serena Lopez
Marketing Specialist

As a freelance web developer, I'm constantly juggling multiple tasks. The feature-rich taskbar and the conveniently-placed AI tools on Launch have boosted my productivity immensely. It's like having a digital assistant that understands my needs.

Sarah Johnson
Freelance Web Developer

I've never come across a browser with as many features as Launch, all while still maintaining the basic functions I'm accustomed to in normal browsers. I had no idea how important shortcuts and applications might be until I used them in Launch.

Elijah Ward
Data Analyst

Maximize Desktop Space and Boost Browsing with Launch.

Discover the power of a streamlined taskbar and a browser with AI-integrated apps. Download Launch now and experience the change.